States in the U.S. that run Keno Lotteries

With the exception of Nevada, and Native American lands that are considered sovereign and beyond federal oversight, gambling is largely forbidden in the United States. One exception has always been the state-run lottery, however. Keno isn’t really all that different from the typical forms of the state lottery, and many states have taken notice, adding a variant of keno as one of their lottery options.

States that run daily games are Indiana, Michigan, New York, Ohio and Washington, but some are a little different than the versions you commonly see in casinos. For example, Indiana’s variant of keno is called Quick Draw, which has the player draw 10 numbers per ticket. 20 numbers are drawn, and you must match at least five to win a prize. The top prize pays off at $300,000, however, which is a much bigger jackpot than most casinos offer. New York’s Pick 10 operates similarly, but has an even bigger maximum prize of $500,000. Michigan’s Club Keno has you pick one to ten numbers, but adds the option of paying more for four additional jackpot numbers and a kicker that can multiply your winnings. And Ohio’s Ten-OH is a pick-10 that is run twice a day.

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