Slot City Casino

Well let’s face it, not every Facebook casino can be at the top of its game all the time. That’s why we review all the ones we get requests for, not just the stellar ones. What’s the point of only giving our readers the good stuff without detailing the bad and the ugly – there’s nothing to contrast it against and we’d sound like pretty silly glee gushers if all we did was talk about stuff we liked.

Dragon Play’s Slot City is not bad in terms of customer service or even social media presence – but its design, its variety and its software leaves some things to be desired. Like goodness.


With an impressive 452,000 likes on Facebook, they’ve certainly got a dedicated audience to please, but their graphics and their choice of social media voice (little text stars in the promo announcements for example) make it look unprofessional and cheesy.

Of course everyone likes a brand that is familiar and sort of friendly, but there’s a difference between online friendliness and a cloying, annoying familiarity that we found off-putting.

Of course the games are popular and Slot City does offer a lot of slots, but as far as Facebook casinos go they don’t offer much: no roulette, blackjack, poker or craps of any kind, so unless you’re REALLY into slots, you’ll move on in the search for variety quite quickly. So we don’t really think Slot City Casino is a great place to play, but if it’s your cup of tea then have at it.