Self-exclusions on a Rise as Per UK Gambling Commission

casino self-exclusionsAccording to a recent report published by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) there has been a rise in cases of casino self-exclusions in the last one year. Self-exclusion is when customers ask a casino to ban them from gambling on their site. The period can be from a minimum six months to many years.

Cause and reasons

Last year the number of self-exclusions as mentioned in the report stands at 24,417. But there was no mention in the report about the reasons for this figure. Despite the rise in self-exclusions, it is difficult to attribute it to one reason or specific reasons. However, the finer point is that people request self-exclusions when gambling becomes a problem for them and they need intervention from the gambling sites as the only way they won’t gamble is because they won’t be allowed to do so.

The good and the bad

There has been a lot of noise since the report was published a week or so ago. The UKGC has been vocal about responsible gambling and promotes it as a social responsibility for all gambling businesses.

However, there are other voices alongside, such as the people running the anti-gambling campaigns, which say that such a situation shouldn’t arise in the first place. As per the counter argument gambling shouldn’t become a problem for the people and that is the main issue here and not the option of self-exclusion as a saving resort. There have also been incidents reported where players were allowed by the online casino sites despite the self-imposed ban.

The UKGC however, agrees that there is a need to make such regulations stricter than they are at present. The commission is said to be working on a remote system of self-exclusion, which will be more effective measure to control gambling addiction.

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