Poker Superstar Bryan Micon Facing Criminal Charges

Bryan Micon to face criminal charges

Many poker insiders feel that Bryan Micon is one of the most intelligent and talented poker players in the world today. Unfortunately, Micon is facing a challenge that surmounts anything he has faced at the poker table. Seal with Clubs, the world’s most popular and largest Bitcoin poker site, was shut down by law enforcement on Feb. 11. Micon’s home was raided by armed officers early that morning.

Micon did an intensive interview with PokerNews. He told PokerNews that the raid was a big violation of his personal freedom. Micon now resides in Antigua. He feels that Antigua is the safest place for him and his family.

Micon expressed displeasure in how he has been treated by the state. Micon also expressed that the state should not have treated him like a dangerous criminal.

Micon was at home with his wife and two-year-old daughter when the raid took place. He described the operation as a traumatic experience for his family. Micon stated that his daughter was extremely scared. The whole experience has ripped Micon’s life apart.

Micon informed PokerNews that the accusations against him includes the violation of the Nevada Revised Statutes NRS 463.750(10b). The accusations also includes the operation of an interactive gaming site without all appropriate licenses as required by State law NRS 463.160(1a). Micon stated that he looked these accusations up, but he does not a full understanding of them. He also stated that the warrant issued by the Nevada Gaming Commission included ten other similar points.

Poker superstar Micon has faced big challenges in the past, but he is now facing the biggest challenge of his life. He could face stiff prison time if convicted on any of these charges.

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