Playtech Buys Aristocrat Lottery


PlaytechPeople will be early waiting the fall out after it emerged that Playtech had taken over all lottery divisions from the Aristocrat Division betting company. Playtech is a major player in Canadian gambling. Their applications are wide ranging because they can be used in any type of gambling game. Playtech items can be used for online sports betting, online poker, online blackjack and much more.

With a lot of money to spend, Playtech has paid over 11 million dollars for the right to get Aristocrat’s lottery divisions. While Playtech is a respected company, there are some fears about what they will do with Aristocrat lottery. In the past, Playtech has been accused to playing the entire market instead of focusing on their core demographic. Instead of adding games and software for different gambling games, they have neglected the online players that gave them their customer base.

Customers in Canada were also hoping that Playtech would buy online slots from Aristocrat. Some of the online slots games that Playtech produces are world class. Games such as Pompei and Where Is the Gold are hugely popular among gamers. However, those games will not be coming to Aristocrat any time soon.

The idea for Playtech is to compensate for the slowdown in the online poker business. They are worried about dwindling profits from that area. Instead of sitting on their laurels, they have made a big move to shake up the industry.

The Chief Operating Officer of Playtech, Shay Segev, had this to say on the matter: “Our content is unique in that it can be used at any location, with any type of electronic device, and through any currency. We are hoping that our experience in this industry and employee skill set will allow us to grow Aristocrat lottery to the next level.”

This statement means that Playtech will use their regular strategy on this lottery division. They will attempt to appeal to as many Canadians as possible. It will make them a lot of money, but it may not satisfy their core customer group.

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