Nakowa Wins Most BitCoins Ever in Gambling History

The owners of Just-Dice, its investors and veiwers are stumped by the magnanimous amount of BitCoins that has recently been won by the mysterious gambler known only as Nakowa. This man has won over 11,000 BitCoins, which equals out to approximately $1.3 million, and the winning streak occurred over just one weekend. People are befuddled and wondering whether this gambler is a cheater, a genius or just lucky.


Nakowa, who’s identity is unknown but who gambles under the name of “Charlotte”, started out last weekend on a terrible losing streak, providing the company with a substantial amount of money. $110,000 in losses without a single win, people thought Nakowa would stop. But fortunately for him he continued playing, because not long afterwards his luck, or what-have-you, turned around and before long his big bets were turning into big payoffs. His first big winning came on Thursday night when, in a span of 10 minutes, he continually bet 100-300 BitCoins ($12,000-$36,000). This pattern was one that he kept up throughout the rest of the weekend, betting huge amounts and making bank, sometimes in just a matter of seconds. The most shocking streak was on Sunday evening when, in about 18 seconds and 10 rolls, Nakowa won more than 1,000 BitCoins, which translates to $123,000. Debunked, that 18 seconds of winning means that every second, Nakowa won $6,833!

Over the weekend, as Nakowa’s wins were throwing Just-Dice for a loop, several of its investors attempted to take their money out of the company; however, their withdrawals were quickly halted when DDoS “attacked” Just-Dice and refused to allow the investors to divest their cash simply because of somebody winning so much. As infuriated workers and confused participants tried to figure out what to do about Nakowa, even suggesting banning him from the site, others came to his defense and even talked about the importance of high rolling winners in a casino. To have a high roller come in once, clean out the register and leave is bad, but you can still hope to gain from someone who continues to win again and again but won’t stop playing. The hope and assumption of the casino owners is that, eventually, he will start losing again.

Well, whether his luck is going to run out or his strategy is foolproof, mysterious Nakowa has caused quite an uproar in the online gambling community, and who knows how long this winning streak is going to continue. The largest win of BitCoins in all of gambling history is a headline maker, and until it gets beaten, it will remain to be talked about.

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