Lucky Rabbit’s Loot

Although they are a place where people can lose themselves, for most people, the thought of a traditional slot machine conjures visions of harsh, stark graphics, flashing lights, and annoying, repetitive sounds. But every now and then, our minds demand something gentler to distract us from the daily grind. A soft, calm landing place for our occasional escape. We wish that we could be swept away into a lighthearted, amusing space.


In a stark contrast to the usual bright colors and crisp graphics of Microgaming™ video slot, the innovative game provider has released Lucky Rabbit’s Foot – a sweet game that offers players a slightly different, but unique and thoroughly enjoyable playing experience and adds to their impressive range of games.


The gently colored, whimsical designs have a playfully appealing hand drawn look which will undoubtedly draw game players into this cute and quirky slot game. With game symbols that include spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs – each with a little white rabbit attached – as well as some equally charming 9s, 10s, Jacks, Queens, Kings and Aces, watching the reels roll by is sure to be an enriching experience.


The quaint buttons quietly urge players to click them –a welcome alternative to those that seem to scream for attention as they flash violently – call the Lucky Rabbit to hops mischievously across the screen to the sound of the amusing original soundtrack. These light notes change into something more upbeat and exciting as players collect more Wilds and Scatters.


In order to select a coin denomination, players need to click on the wooden barrel of delicious looking carrots which will give them the option of choosing from 1 through to 20 cents. Players can also opt for the 20 coins per line option which will add a substantial increase to the amount of their total bet.

All wins in Lucky Rabbit’s Foot pay left to right, except for scatters which are added to the player’s line wins. All of the wins are multiplied by the coins bet per line (except for scatters), all of which are available for players to view on the well laid out, easy to understand pay tables. Also on the pay tables are the 50 pay lines.

Here’s the catch – although at first glance this game, with its idealistic homes, rainbows, hearts and flowers may look like something that will only appeal to beginners and little girls, it offers fantastic winning opportunities that will hook even the grizzliest of the gruff types. In the base game the Wild is stacked which allows for more frequent winning, but during the Free Spins the Wilds are spread out by the helpful rabbit to fill the whole of the Reel that they appear on, boosting the players win frequency even more.

When a player gets three or more Scatters, an 8 round long Free Spin bonus is triggered. This feature boasts not only rewarding Wild Reels but the ability for the Free Spins to be retriggered upon receiving three or more scattered logos in a spin.

So if it’s a break from your usual game that you are after, or just something light to brighten your playing experience and weigh down your wallet, drop down into this curious rabbit hole with Microgaming™. Play along with the Lucky Rabbit and enjoy this world filled with Lucky Rabbit’s loot, and try to claim some for yourself. With its clear skies, tidy lanes and happy go lucky friends; this is a game that will fill pockets and put smiles on faces all around.

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