Justin Bieber Turned Away From NiagraFallsveiw Casino


Justin Bieber has been getting a lot of press attention lately for some unsavory activity that has left a sour taste in the mouths of some fans. In addition to some tactless actions such as writing a rather self-centered message in the guestbook when visiting Anne Frank’s home, racking up multiple charges of assault for himself and his bodyguards, and portraying a pretentious attitude toward fans, Bieber has also been branching out into more mature hobbies and pastimes. One activity the young Ontario native seems to be taking up is gambling.

While some might have Bieber fever, that didn’t seem to be the case last month for the workers at NiagraFallsview Casino. The young star and his perpetually present posse of pals and followers showed up to the casino with plans for a night out on the town. One member of his group was unable to show a valid ID that would allow him into the casino, and was turned away. Bieber and his group hung out for awhile, and while a few passersby noted that the pop star was present and were excited to meet him, the hysteria sometimes associated with the tween-idolized singer never arrived. After about ten minutes of waiting around the casino, the group decided to leave.

It might be for the best that the casino was unable to provide the entire group with entry to their facility, given some of Bieber’s stunts in the past. His trip to the Canadian casino might have ended similarly to his time in Las Vegas last November when he was caught by police and charged after taking one of their motor bikes for a joyride. The rebellious teen tends to bring chaos and hysteria of many different types along with him wherever he and his fandom go. All in all, the quiet and short-lived scene at Niagra might have been one of the least disruptive events in which the young pop star has been involved in recent years. Despite his growing pains (and the pains he’s caused to those close to him), Bieber certainly seems to be maintaining his fan base and his social life, and as he gets older and grows into true adulthood many more casino visits and opportunities for outings are sure to come.

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