Is National Lottery Day Contributing To Gambling Addiction?


lottery dayIn 1994 National Lottery Day was established, and since then many gambling trends have arisen. Some of these trends have simply been the increased number of people who say that they partake in gambling and playing the lottery. With the national attention that the holiday gives to purchasing lottery tickets, the negative preconceived notions about those who partake in gambling have subsided. Unfortunately, many allege that the establishment of the day has also become a gateway to many new problem gamblers getting hooked on their addition.

As of the end of 2012, roughly seventy percent of Scottish residents had openly admitted to gambling in the past year. This is a marked increase from the amount who would have said as much ten years prior, and hearing a number such as this two decades prior – before National Lottery Day was established – would have been virtually unfathomable. Of those who reported gambling activity in the year of 2012, about 0.7% were diagnosed as problem gamblers, or addicts.

As of the turn of the new year in 2014, the number of gamblers had remained roughly the same, with around 3 million, or roughly 7 in 10 adults having taken part in some sort of gambling in the past year. The rate that had been diagnosed as addicts, however, had risen to about 0.96%. The estimated number of gambling addicts in Scotland currently rivals the number of hard core drug addicts in the country.

With the increased media attention that gambling and the lottery are getting in Scotland those most opposed to the idea of gambling, including religious and morality groups, are beginning to speak out against the perils of the hobby. There are many sources blamed for this, but the destimagatiztion nature of gambling over the past two decades has been thrust into the limelight repeatedly.

With National Lottery Day becoming an ever more popular event, the participation in gambling is sure to increase. There are some very positive outcomes from this day that the country has seen, and in most cases, there’s no cause for alarm amongst those who choose to partake in the day’s activities. Many who report gambling at all are once-a-year participants who only gamble on this day each year. But for others, it may just be that the taste given to them on National Lottery Day is enough to get them hooked for life.

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