How Legal Venues for Games Of Chance (Casinos) Came To Be

Gambling has been enjoyed by people almost since the dawn of mankind itself. The games are believed to have originated in Asia, and have even been mentioned several times in age-old literature texts such as the Hindu epic of Mahabharatha.


Online and mobile casinos add to convenience

Through the years, the love for gambling doesn’t seem to have reduced. The advent of internet-based casinos has made gambling accessible to all parts of the world. The games that were available only in land-based casinos a decade ago can now be played on mobile devices at the tip of your fingers. The first online poker room was opened in 1988, and there has been no turning back for the industry ever since.


Gambling in history

Wagering has also been popular in ancient Roman and European empires. Some of the most famous examples of gambling in history are:


  • In around 100 AD, the Kings of Norway and Sweden used gambling to resolve the dispute of whose reign the Hising District would come under. This is one of the earliest accounts of gambling.


  • Rigveda, an ancient Indo-Aryan collection of scriptures, contains a poem called Gambler’s Lament, one of the oldest compositions of its kind, which details the life of a gambler. It is believed to have been written between 1500 and 1200 BC.


  • History has it that in the 1800s, the widespread popularity of the Chinese game of keno helped in bringing in funds to build the Great Wall of China.


  • Horse racing, another form of gambling, has been popular in ancient Greece, where people took part in chariot racing. In fact, this sport is believed to have been an important event in the 648 BC Greek Olympics.


It is clear that gambling will continue to grow and flourish in the time to come.

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