Gambling Has a Mobile Future

According to Juniper Research, the mobile gambling market is expected to swell as far as $100 billion by 2017.

Mobile and Tablet Gambling

Mobile gamers can expect a major change — a positive change for once. The UK mobile commerce analysis firm, Juniper Research, has conducted a new study that shows mobile casinos, bingo, sportsbooks and more could potentially reach $100 billion by 2017 if it continues to grow.

This is definitely a very large amount of money, much of which is due to the deregulation within Europe, the United States and in China as the latter finally becomes a major world player in the market that the country should have already been a part of many years ago. The players that are currently engaged in mobile casinos will have the biggest boon given to them, however.

With a huge growth expected in the number of available online casino games, which includes games like slots, poker, blackjack and roulette, players are definitely likely to be able to find more and more options for gambling when on the go. It will no longer be an issue that mobile casinos have a tiny selection compared to their static online counterparts; rather, there should be a major selection of games that are also visually stunning on top of being very convenient for the gamblers on the go.

Mobile Gambling

Mobile sports betting has already seen a huge increase in popularity within the United Kingdom, so it only makes sense that mobile casinos are the next part of the stepping stones. There have already been quite a few brand new mobile casinos launching in the United Kingdom as of late; as they begin to take advantage of the major leaps and bounds of current technology within the mobile market, it is safe to say that the mobile games can easily create an environment and experience that is more and more immersive as time goes by.

In combination with the freemium trend and the rise of casino games on Facebook, as well as a number of play money slots and play money casinos, the world of online gambling on the go is expected to make a major change in the industry in the coming years. With enough practice on the play money systems, this opens up the potential for a whole host of now experienced gamblers to try their hands at playing with real money on the go within the United Kingdom.

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