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OK, so we’ve already established that the one thing any individual looking to start gambling online will need to overcome, is the huge amount of choice available to them!

The fact is that as this relatively new market in gambling and gaming has presented itself; not to mention proven itself as a big money industry, more and more people have naturally wanted to become involved. A decade ago, the online casino industry consisted of several ill-functioning sites and a handful of ‘ahead of their time’ gamblers with enough winnings left over to buy a computer and a dodgy dial-up internet package.

Today however, poses a very different story altogether. It would seem that millions of gamblers worldwide are now utilizing the services available to them online, for example Maple Casino is just another online casino which is not like those to be found on the streets of our towns and cities. Whilst it’s highly unlikely that the high street casino and bookmaking firms that have been dominating the business for the past few decades will go out of business, it’s fair to say they may have met their match.

It’s amazing how realistic and engaging many of today’s online casino websites are. With every game type imaginable available at the click of a mouse, many of which are now also available to play in the company of a ‘live dealer’ (more on that later). It’s unsurprising that popularity levels are through the roof.

In this spirit, let’s look at some of the sites that have caught our attention recently.